Catalog works primarily with early stage startups who are at the beginning of their journey.

The Catalog team listens to needs and produce beautiful work that always meets requirements. They’re a valuable resource for any team!

Patrick - Co-Founder & CTO, Alcove
Co-Founder & CTO, Alcove

As a startup, we're always looking for ways to optimize our time and resources while still getting the absolute best results. With Catalog, I get top-notch and thoughtful design in a straightforward and hassle-free manner, meaning my team can keep our time and resources focused on bringing a great product to market.”

Cliff Image
Head of Business Operations & Strategy, CrowdAI

Catalog is an ideal partner for a startup because they respond to shifts, iterations and change of focus.  We highly recommend them!

SJ - Co-Founder, Canary
Co-Founder, Canary

Working with Win and the Catalog team has been a fantastic experience. They deliver work product quickly and always on-time, thoughtfully engage in the design process, and easily integrated into our work flow. I can't recommend them enough.

Chapman - Co-Founder, Brick
Co-Founder, Brick

The Catalog team goes above and beyond in their work! Their designs are thoughtful and do a great job of matching our brand, while also optimizing user experience. The team is also a pleasure to work with - all very friendly, responsive and timely with designs and feedback.

Nathan - Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Pair Eyewear
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Pair Eyewear

As an early stage startup, the Catalog team’s combination of flexibility, speed and quality of work has affirmed that we made the right decision to partner with them! They bring a level of strategic thinking to the business problem at hand before jumping in to design, that as founders we truly appreciate.

Sara & Mir - Co-Founders, Journ
Sara & Mir
Co-Founders, Journ

Catalog has been a great design partner to us. Their work helps us move at startup speed while creating thoughtful user experiences that make us proud.

Mayank - Co-Founder & CEO, Pulse
Co-Founder & CEO, Pulse

Catalog is awesome. They're agile and talented. They were able to dive right in and give us design support with minimal hand-holding and great results. I highly recommend Win and his team.

Alex - Founder & CEO, EventGeek
Founder & CEO, EventGeek

Redesigning a website has its challenges, but Catalog has helped ease the process with quick turnaround times and consistent communication. We have been really impressed with their UX expertise, and are excited to keep working together!

Claire - Marketing Lead, CodeHS
Marketing Lead, CodeHS